Your Partner has Hyperfixation-Habits? What to Do?

Your Partner has Hyperfixation-Habits? What to Do?

Hyperfixation-habits, something you must have been told is the insane’s weapon right?

First of all, if you are wondering what hyperfixation-habits are, I will make it easy for you.

Have you ever been with somebody who has a pattern or self technique that calms them down. Or maybe they use it to deal with their mental health?

Still confused?

Here is what I do whenever I hit an anxiety attack. I end up watching the same TV show that I have watched for the last 12 years. And, the very same episdes.

Why? Because it comforts me when I am struggling, it’s episodes I have seen a thousand times and know there is no uncertainty there.

This is what hyperfixation-habits look like. It is a self care technique that people use.

Even though you may have heard that hyperfixation-habits are associated with ADHD and Autism. But, that is not necessarily true.

It is also associated with mental health coping. You will find a lot of people have morning routines that pretty much look like hyperfixation-habits.

Find out more on the nature of hyperfixation-habits here.

What is Hyperfixation – Habits?

It is the ability to zero in intensely on an interesting project or activity for hours at a time. You will fidn it to be the complete opposite of distractibility, and it is common among both children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

But, the above definition is sort of a borad one.

People can have hyperfixation-habits that could be like, you could find your boyfriend glued to video games. It could be their way of unclogging their brain.

Is Hyperfixation a Bad Thing?


So, now you may ask, whether you should be with someone who has hyperfixation-habits?

Of course you should.

It is by no means as to why we should treat anybody who has a mental health coping mechanism. And, some where down the line, you and I may have done it too.

But here is the catch, when you are with somebody who has hyperfixation-habits, there are a few things that you can do to help them around it.

  • Distract them with love and care- Such as, ask them to join you for a walk outside.
  • Help them solve their problem they are fixated on. However, don’t make them feel inadequate.
  • Create a safe environment for them. Moreover, help them feel that it is okay to be themselves.
  • Cook for them. Or, ask them to come help you cook. That way they can take a break and feel they are making a difference.
  • Do not lecture them in to being ashamed for having a coping mechanism. Learn to work around them and the process slows down.
  • Be the person they go to first. Not last.
  • Be patient with them. Because remember, love is unique for everybody but only a few can live up to that standard. So, if you can’t then don’t even try to waste their time.
  • Be the listener at times, but also remember to tell them they are important.
  • Indifference is a killer. Drop that habit, not just for yourself but for them too.

And finally,

  • Appreciation is key. Your job in a relationship with a hyperfixation person is to show them acknowledgement and appreciation. It is scientifically proven that acknowledgement and appreciation is the only growth route for mental health coping.

Hyperfixation and Love

If you have ever been in love then by now you know it is anything but easy.

It is full of good days and bad days and you would be dancing through them for most of it.

People who have hyperfixation issues are usually far from broken. It denotes a self care strength that they have developed to deal with the world around them.

And, with the right amount of acceptance and appreciation all of that goes away. If not, you will find it has slowly shimmered down.

Love is not just a word you use to denote that you are there. Love is work. You have to work at it everyday.

If you are with someone who has a coping mechanism as such, then also know that this is the person who will have your back, even when the world is against you.

People are unique and a mixture of atoms that we have not even discovered yet.

So, just love, appreciate, accept and most importantly, don’t be the person to prove them right. That the world is full of indifference.

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We all have our own ways of dealing with ourselves. Once you just learn to work yourself around those tiny bumps, you will discover love, family and acceptance that is free of adulteration and terms.

Till then, take care of yourself and look after the people who show up for you. Money comes, money goes, but, love my darling remains.

Just like how it in the jungle. Have you ever seen animal want more than love?

We are after all just social animals looking for the very same thing.

Look after yourselves and others.

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