The Geometry of Dating and Loneliness

The Geometry of Dating and Loneliness

In dating cute doesn’t cut it in this town anymore, does it?

How is it that never in history has Calcutta seen so many women and men who are equally powerful. And, yet you find single beautiful women.

With no good single men.

On a normal day if you walked down Park Street you would see hundreds of beautiful, successful women who would pay an arm and a leg for shoes.

Has modern dating seen the end of romance?

If I had to summarize modern dating then it would be then it would be, ‘ Stay Clean and Get Out’.

But, if you are having sex like men then how come you are still not feeling powerful?

I suppose this where sex and loneliness becomes one.

Is This Where the Narrowing Down in Dating Comes in?

While you and I continue to treat modern dating as a competitive sport, we may have replaced our loneliness with sex.

Most of my flings has not resulted in major depression, because I lacked the energy of being absolutely superficial.

Power. Sex. Choice.

Aren’t these the words both our genders are dream boating their life to?

But, loneliness, now that is a metro city scum you carry around anyway. Everywhere.

Meanwhile, somewhere below the old street lane, there are two lovers on their journey to the Get Out. The ultimate validation that our loneliness has a personality.

Here’s what New York Times say about dating and loneliness.

Bay of Married Pigs ans Relationships

One of the best things about living in a city like Calcutta, is leaving it.

If you are a successful or even just a woman, you know in your 30’s the Bay of the Married Pigs are gushing in.

Also one of the more profound loneliness triggers generating from nothing but redundancy.

When you see the future, your marriage skirmish does get the whistle on the pot. Like an alarm ringing loud enough with time just about enough to run out.

This is probably going to be your only defense to the loneliness.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, dating used to be ‘dating accidentally’.

Now, you find the married pigs going through dating apps faster than the tissue box beside their night table, while their wives are wanking to younger boys online.

So, that keeps us narrowing down our dating choices to men who’s desperation can be smelled from a mile. Or, the ones who will make you feel and stomp on your heart.

So, now that we went through all the kinds of guys in modern dating, is the dreamboat of dating ever going to be any less lonely?

Or, will we continue to thread through the complicated aloof men hoping they kinda like us eventually?

Are there no more good men in their 30’s in Calcutta or have they been removed too, like we did with the homeless.

The 40’s and Never Right Answers

The only difference between men in their 40’s and their 30’s is probably the first portion of demography like crosswords.

Even in our abject modern dating blackness, we figured that the ’40s something men will either have the upper hand or will be holding their dick.

So, while we play this sexual Pokemon, the centrist loneliness is still going to be constant.

But, the’40’s something sure know how to apologize.

Here is a book to navigate dating and loneliness.

Here are the best dating apps though if scouting and bunging is something that works.


So, for a 30’s something woman in Calcutta, I have finally outgrown the boys and know that men can still be boys.

Men are still going be the designer drug for women in their 30’s. Just maybe not in a 20’s something apartment and minus the desperation.

But, the truth is the geometry of modern dating is painful, lonely and most importantly self-driven parallel lines.

Making it a survival of the fittest trade rather than actually accidentally dating someone.

So, now are we ready to spit on the face of romance in 2020?

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