What is single payer health care? Everything You Need to Know

What is single payer health care? Everything You Need to Know

If you are wondering what is a single payer health care- The usual term refers to “single-payer healthcare” as to health insurance, as opposed to healthcare delivery.

If you are a legal resident of the United States, then you are definitely eligible for the single payer health care.

However, many medic care insurances will cover it for you, but you would still need to re-check.

What is the difference between universal health care and single payer health care?

Universal coverage refers that you are a MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT can avail a health care system where you and me has health coverage. …

In comparison to that , there are no uninsured Canadian citizens; their government-run system provides universal coverage.

That is why you will find that Canada has universal health care coverage, while the United States does not.

If you are struggling with your mental health and stuck in a concrete contain container like me then opting for such insurance policies will save your life.

What does single payer health care mean?

You will see that the universal health care system doesn’t rely solely on government funding,

You can avail better quality insurance coverage for yourself.

However, with your single-payer system, your individual coverage is limited. Meaning in have to pay for your insurance coverage.

Mostly provided by government insurance agencies.

How does single payer health care work?

Are you stuck with mental health disorders and no medicare?

Your Single-payer health insurance will give you insurance coverage financed by taxes. That is managed for example, your government to help you cope.

That is why people like you and me living alone struggling with mental health disorders in the USA are entitled to this insurance policy.

Is single payer health care good?

YES: Single payer insurance will avail you better and more affordable care.

Single payer national health insurance would resolves virtually all of the major problems you face in America’s health care system today.

Can you go back to Original Medicare from an Advantage plan?

During your Open Enrollment Period, you can move between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

During this time, you can switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare.

Your insurance coverage will start on the 1st day of the month after the month in which you switch coverage.

It is a good system for the following reasons;

  • You will get guaranteed health care
  • It is easy to avail
  • Problem free payouts

What is Your average monthly cost of a Medicare Advantage plan?

You just pay $30 monthly.
According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in 2018, your average Medicare Advantage premium was $30 monthly.

Some Medicare Advantage premiums may be as low as $0 for certain plans and other plans may have premiums that cross a $100 too.

Here is more on the pros and sons of single payer insurance.

If you want to know how to avail your single payer insurance then here is how.

Here are mental health insurance coverage in India.


In times of Covid 19 it is imperative that you take care of your mental health and physical health no matter where you are.

The idea if this article is to help you find the right solutions so you are stronger, braver and more equipped in handing everything.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter is you suffer from anxiety, bipolar, depression, single payer health care is for all of us.

However, till then be strong, be brave. And, remember, there is no alternative to a professional psychiatrist. Reach out, get help and if you need to talk to someone, just message me here, or leave a comment below.

I will always reply.

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