Separation Anxiety From Your Partner is Kicking in Bad?

Separation Anxiety From Your Partner is Kicking in Bad?

Separation anxiety from your partner is not new. Especially when you are attached to them on a soul level. Love doesn’t take years nor at first sight.

It can happen any time, anywhere. But, for people who suffer from separation anxiety need a little more. You are separated in this lock down and it can kick in any time, make you vulnerable and weak.

What is separation anxiety in adults?

You could feel separation anxiety from your partner and even your pet as an adult. It doesn’t matter whom. In such times, you must be feeling the anxiety separated from your partner.

How do you deal with separation anxiety?

There are many ways to deal with seperation anxiety in adults during the lockdown. Instead of being crying no the bed like me like a child, you can actually try talk to your partner.

Tell them how you feel. And, if your partner has an an ounce of humanity they will understand, they will be kind. Because, that is what humans are designed to be, kind in crisis.

Men tend to feel overbear-ed whenever a strong woman needs a shoulder to lean on.

So, if you are with a man who doesn’t understand this feeling then maybe, just maybe you were nothing but a product on a shelf for him.

However, you can always try talk it out.

What causes separation anxiety?

Many things, but recently the lock down has really made is more clear couples need to be more patient and not throw fire balls at each other. You don’t need big degrees to understand that someone needs help. A kind word, and you deserve that from your partner.

What separation anxiety feels like?

It usually feels like a deep rooted loneliness that can result in insecurity if your guy is being a jerk about it.

It manifests itself in real time, physically, like people can actually have a brain stroke when their partner continues to be a jerk. You can actually, feel pain in your stomach when you see your partner feel nothing for you.

What happens if separation anxiety is left untreated?

Usually, it leads to more problems like never trusting someone again. You can actually never have a normal relationship again because you will be stuck in a therapists office wondering whether he too will treat your feelings in oblivion.

What is separation anxiety in relationships?

You could be miles away and still feel your partner and that separation anxiety can anxiety can manifest itself in the worst way. Here is how Men can actually be better to women.

If your super educated man can’t understand how lonely you feel without him, he was never there for you. Simple as that, and the faster we women get that, the easier it gets for us.

You don’t need a PDGM degree to know that your woman is having separation anxiety. You need a heart full of love.

Oh and how many times have you heard, I have fallen out out of love with you?

They don’t fall out of love with you. They just have had their fill. People do not fall out of love with each other. They get angry at each other then they cool down.

And, you don’t need education to tell you that. If falling out of love was a thing ask any divorce couple, if it was the fall out or just the incompatibility.

You don’t need to hear any of this from an educated man. However, you do need to tell him that assurance is vital.

And, if they still fail to understand, oh sweetie, they were never there for love lives, it never dies.

Here is how I deal with my anxiety.

If it did, the world would work very differently. Scientifically it is proved once you love a person, you can’t, your brain won’t allow you to un-love them.

Does that mean your man is more learned than the scientists in Harvard?

Or, he is just a jerk who product shelves.

Ask yourself

How many times have you used these words,

  • Call me when you can.
  • Are you even there?
  • Do I matter?

So, in conclusion if you are suffering from separation anxiety , tell him that. If he was raised right, he will be more caring. If he was not, you will know.

A simple text, a simple call goes a long way, things that don’t take hours, nor babysitting.

Men and women love differently. Women are trees, we bear fruit for the future. Men are water, they flow to nature. What happens to a tree when the water runs dry?

Find someone who was raised to persevere and know that issues come, issues go, love doesn’t. If love died, the world would die. Love is in the trees, that produce oxygen, that’s love.

Love is in the ocean that fathers millions of species. You don’t fall out of love. You are either in it, or not. It can be angry. But, words only bleed.

So, tell your man the truth, see how he reacts to it, and you will find the answer yourself.

Not all men are raised to love like water. But, it can be nurtured, loved and taught.

A man can go to the best schools and be the best in their job and still not know simple things like, how to care, how to love and especially, how to love you.

But, that doesn’t mean you give up on them, you nurture them in to the simplest pleasures of life silently and quietly with love.

But, remember, there is no alternative to a professional psychologists is symptoms continue.

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