Relationship Anxiety | The New Dating Drug

Relationship Anxiety | The New Dating Drug

Do you remember when relationship anxiety was limited to whether he is cheating on me or not?

Well guess wht ladies and gentlemen, it is so much more than now. Especially, during the lock down of covid.

Somehow men with big degrees have become bigger jerks, while women who were pillars have become insecure.

There is absolute science to it.

We have somehow become more boxed. You may feel that he owes me everything, he may feel that she is over bearing.

However, all you want is a few kind words and assurance, not degree jerks.

What is relationship anxiety?

if you are constantly being ignored and yet the guy had something beautiful story made up for you at the start, that is relationship anxiety. Because, you were sold diamonds, but instead got beans.

And, frankly, those beans are not magic beans that take you to giant castles. Those are man jerk beans who find excuses. All if this, will give you relationship anxiety.

Relationship anxiety can get worse when either party pretends that nothing was special t the start and they were shelved products waiting to be chosen.

How do I stop my relationship anxiety?

Here are the thing s NOT TO DO to your partner-

  • Criticize them for having the anxiety when you have been absent mostly.
  • Dismiss their worries.
  • Gas lighting their relationship anxiety by blaming them.
  • Understand that not everybody feels like you, but that never means love goes away.

Find a guy who was raised by a a woman who taught him to be kind. You can find hacks on how to handle anxiety from how I do here.

Can anxiety ruin a relationship?


But, that is only if you are with a partner who is wedded to themselves and raised to only think of themselves. It all boils down to whom you are dating, the values their were raised with.

You could be dating the most brilliant kid in the class once upon a time, but if they are raised to dismiss people’s struggles they will grow up to be jerks.

And, sometimes, we end up with these jerks who do not understand how to deal life. You will see for them everything is black and white, they fail at the simple things.

However, if your partner is considerate of the covid situation and understands that anxiety is normal, things don’t get worse. They get better.

You need to understand that anxiety can cause pressure on the other person, so talking it out helps. If your partner is constantly saying they fell out of love with you for it, then that just means they never were in love.

You can ask your parents, their parents, any couple, nobody falls out of love. We forget why we were in love. Nurturing that back is the key solution.

Is worrying a sign of love?


Sweetie, it means your guy is stringing you. Simple as that. You are confused. he is not precise. And your anxiety is the by-product of it.

You were told beautiful things in bed and suddenly he decides you are not good enough. Then that is confusion. Not a sign of love.

In my opinion, that is culpable murder. You can worry but you should never be confused. Love does go away, it does’t die. If it did, then the world would turn upside down.

Love is in the jungle, in the streets, in airports. If he has kissed your head in the airport and told he loved you, then suddenly fell out of love, because your anxiety kicked in, honey, he never loved you.

He needed a trophy. Not a person. You have learn to differentiate between love and men who are just fascinated by the idea of strong women till they break them.

You ask yourself, has he asked how you were in the last one week? Isn’t that a sign of worry for you?

Is The New Drug Helping Couples?

You should never be confused about his love.

people don’t fall out of love the same way, nature doesn’t stop evolving. But, you also have to understand evolving with each other is important.

Love is not a product you channel through shelves of marts. It is a scientific chemical mixture that takes places.

So, if your partner says they fell out of love, are they defying science?

Nuturing the love back is the key to all relationship anxiety and it goes both ways. You can’t expect your guy to do everything.

You have to do your part. Worry less unless he is a jerk.

But, here is something your guy can learn from on how to love a strong woman.

What does silence mean in a relationship?

You can decode silence as many things. Moreover,you could have interpersonal issues, or maybe your guy in stringing you.

However, You could decode it as joy or even sorrow. But, silence should never be used as a weapon against each other.

There are men with their biggest degrees from the best families and yet not know how to handle a strong woman. You can be as strong as human can be and yet need assurance.

Is Your Guy Changing?

You can see changes, and feel them too. If you are with someone who has been the best to you and suddenly find you unbearable, maybe it is time you ask yourself, is your guy raised right?

The changes are slow and quiet and you can feel them. Soul mates are a real thing, and if one partner is bearing the load, and it is you, then you are now the carrier.

Is Product shelving in relationships the new drug?

You could have a quiet talk with your guy about this new drug during the covid 19 lock down and why things have changed. The pandemic has caused many changes.

And, you need to also acknowledge that. Relationship anxiety arises when there is confusion of what was promised and what is provided.

You have to have a communication system that does not instigate but eradicate the anxiety. And, if your extremely educated man refuses or doesn’t get these simple things, the degrees should be tossed in the bin.

Maybe, send him back to his mother and ask his mother to teach him perseverance and how relationships are nurtured.

Your job is not be his mother or his carrier but his partner. And, you need both ways to do the load.

This new drug of tossing once issues arise is a very new relationship phenomenon. You would know that if you just look at your parents.


If you are going through relationship anxiety remember it is not your fault. Nor his. It is because both parties have hooked on to this fake new drug.

You don’t have to take this drug. You can cut yourself off from this new drug and impose your own ways.

If love fell off then the world would cease, the sun wouldn’t rise and the stars would die. Love doesn’t fall out, it ceases to remember why it was there.

Do you give up on your guy? No. You nurture, love more and give more.

Of course unless he was raised badly and is an abuser.

If you are afraid, then know this that relationship anxiety is a very normal thing, and when you talk it softly out, and work together to remember why love beckoned upon both of you, love doesn’t cease. It grows stronger.

However, if you are terribly disturbed there is no alternative to professional therapy.

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