Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors New India

Indemnity insurance for doctors is one of the most important insurances to have you are a doctor in India. Especially through a pandemic. If you are a doctor, you should enroll now.

You are our heroes.

So, What is an Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

If you are a doctor, a doctor’s professional indemnity insurance cover is designed specifically for you. To cover against all liabilities that come out of your error or omissions while you are performing your service to your patients.

Is Professional Indemnity Insurance Tax Deductible in India?

Yes!, you pay a premium for the mediclaim policy is eligible for your tax deduction under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

You can look at the new IT rules, where you can get an exemption up to a maximum sum of Rs.15000 from your taxable income.

As a doctor you can avail that under Section 80-D for Health Insurance Premium paid for yourself, your spouse.

Moreover, even your dependent children.
In addition, you get a Rs 20000 if the policy includes your parents who are above 65.

Is There GST on Professional Indemnity Insurance?

For example, the PI says that for doctors like you, the premiums are indicative can change. But, you will not have to pay GST nor any stamp duty on it.

Why Do Our Doctors Need It?

In recent times, if you have kept up with the news, you know by now why doctors needs such a policy.

You as a doctor perform services that nobody can, that opens a floodgate of risks for you.

In times when the people are not co-operating with you, assaulting you. This is the best time for you to sign up for a professional indemnity insurance for doctors.

This is why you need a professional indemnity insurance for doctors.

You as a doctor who is saving our lives during a pandemic like Covid 19 needs it most right now. And, insurances are for you, me and everybody.

Have you seen that on the 3rd of April, in Indore doctors were attacked, and you as a doctor have your human rights to protect yourself.

Moreover, India is with you.

Indemnity for doctors is not just a coverage but it is your only tool to deal with patients who hide information and are non-co-operative.

As a Doctor, You Now Have the Government’s Options

Indemnity insurance for doctors has come to light after how we have seen our fighters fight for us. And, you as a doctor need nothing but respect and the best coverage against such attacks, verbal abuse just for performing your job.

Moreover, it helps you perform in a better mental state. The government has also passed a law for you, that if you as a doctor, health worker is attached, the person will either for to jail for 7 years or have to pay a heavy fine.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors| Where to Get it?

If you go to the IRDI, the government wing in India that regulates insurance companies. You will find that you have the best doctor’s insurance coverage and doctors risk coverage.

Find out the entire press release that covers doctors against such attacks, and provides you with the insurance you need.

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. – IRDAI is approved, regulated for you as a doctor and healthcare provider.

Moreover, you facing such trying times as such as Covid 19, this is the most assured insurance policy for you.

You as a doctor who is saving our lives deserve nothing but the very best of financial, moral and respectable coverage.

How to Get the Professional indemnity Insurance for Doctors

First of all, you need to visit the The New India Assurance Co. Ltd site.

Then download the form for your professional indemnity insurance from here.

Your next step as a doctor is to go through the coverage page in the New India Assurance website.

However, if you are a doctor in Mumbai and would like to know more about your professional indemnity insurance for doctors face to face, here is the address-

New India Assurance Building, 87, M G Road, Fort, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

For technical assistance email them at-

Call – 1800-209-1415

In short, if you are doctor/healthcare worker or can’t get the respect or service you need connect to the nearest police station.

Moreover, you can make a call to IRDAI for your policy matters –

Head Office – (040) 2020 4000,

Delhi Chapter – (011) – 23344 4400,

Mumbai Chapter – (022) – 22898600,


As a doctor you deserve the best, and if fails for you, however, you have the nearest police station to back you up. And, if it it your Professional indemnity insurance for doctors, where you find no help.

However, if you are in to more reading here is how to handle stress during the lock down.

Contact the government here for all grievances.

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