My Depression Symptoms is not Me

My Depression Symptoms is not Me

The idea is very simple, that depression symptoms can be hard for people. It is also the same for me.

Imagine not having people who understand you, while something is killing you from within.


It should never be that way. You have to know that you are bigger than your depression symptoms.

You are bigger than most of the gritty adjectives your brain applies to you.

My Depression Symptoms

So, I wanted to list you down the depression signs that I regularly go through. And what I do to deal with them.

Hoping you can find tips here.

In Terms of My Mood

Apathy takes over me like a dark cloud while I turn in to an anxious potato. Why? Because depression signs can make your mood swings erratic that way.

but, this where I always try to remember that this is a phase. And, one day I will breathe better. I will find my way back home to my hobbies.

My Behavior Changes

I think I know I am heading towards a downward spiral is because the irritation kicks in. Everything starts to get to me and I am on constant defense mode.

Fueling my anxiety and restlessness, I end crying relentlessly.

This where I realized that it okay to go through these stages. but what is not okay, that let them define me. And, the people who really care about me, should manage to rise above it.

Or the very least attempt to realize the cause of such behavioral changes. And, people who really love you will not make you feel like it is your fault. In fact, they will lift you up and bring a bowl of soup.

My Sleep Pattern Takes a Hit

I am not an insomniac. For the most part of my life, I have used sleep as my escape from reality. If I couldn’t take it anymore, I slept for a day at once.

I came to realize many years later that my excessive sleeping was all depression symptoms. For some, they have insomnia and all of these are very ‘real’ things that we go through.

In order to deal with them, I realized I have to be more mindful about my body and how I react to sunlight or even things around me.

I tried to develop hobbies to keep me occupied. And, today! Every time, I am on a spiral downward, I write. I write until I feel lighter.

You could choose to do anything at all.

My Physical Knows More

Many people say you can’t see depression. But, let me tell you today! Yes, you can.

I for one, start to under-eat, and I know I am going down for a bit. For many, excessive eating is a problem.

This is where I found fruits, water, and the basics work just fine. Going hungry or eating unhealthy will not help at all. If anything alt all makes it ten times worse.

Then Comes My Brain

What can I say about my brain! Boy if it could be heard. Apart from the usual depression symptoms of lack of concentration, suicidal thoughts increase.

Yes. I have been there. Rock bottom, looking at life with no light or train heading towards me through the tunnel.

I suppose those are the worst and hardest.


This is where having a support system makes all the difference. You hit that chord, you call your best friend. If you don’t have any call a health care professional.

Because there is no substitute for medical therapy.


In new age people are using smart drugs to enhance their emotional states of mind, and feel good which can be good to some extent but avoid miss-using such drugs.

What really matters is how you take care of yourself in these times. What is your self-care process and most importantly, who is looking out for you?

Once you have your support system all set you will find that your depression symptoms are getting a little better.

You will breathe better.

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