Mental Health in India | Self Care in Covid 19 in India

Mental health in India is a highly hush hush matter. You wouldn’t find families talking about it openly about with their children.

Ever wonder why your anxiety never goes away? Because mental health in India is a topic hardly spoken about it.

You will find people associating it with being crazy. But, that does not have to be the reality for you. It does;t matter anymore to you what your parents think.

You have to take care of yourself, however through professional therapists.

Before I dive in to this questions answered here are some simple questions answered.

How can I take care of emotional health in India during the coronavirus pandemic?

Stop talking about the virus with people, you can not solve it You have to accept it. if it gets to bad 7 cups is a great place to find online therapy at a very low cost. You can also get their free plan so that would not be a problem.

What should I do if I am facing anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic?

1. If you are having a panic attack of anxiety breathe slowly for a few minutes. Try to distance yourself from your fears. Ground yourself to what you already have like, a roof over your head and food on the table.

2. If it is anger you dealing with distance yourself from people and count 200 to 1 backwards.

3. If you are afraid ask yourself what is under your control, what can be done about it, and if nothing then then sweetie take deep breathe and let the universe work its way out. For you. Mental health in India has any therapists suggesting this method.

What are the psychological effects of COVID-19 on children?

If you have kids then they are to be experiencing worry, anxiety and fear. Especially with the news scaring us they fear they may lose someone they love.

They may even not know what it is it is to get your medical treatment, however, this where you as a parent come in. You assure them that they are safe.

Your kids are not going to schools meaning as part of necessary measures, they may feel lonely without their friends. You can assign video calls with their friends so they feel safe and secured.

What is the coronavirus disease pandemic’s impact on mental health?

  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Drug and drinking abuse

All are expected to rise. Suicide rates are expected to rise in both sexes however twice as much between the age of 15-39. You can only begin to imagine the effect this pandemic will have on your mental health so, please try to be involved and positive.

How many mental health professionals are there in India?

Well, we have around 7000 but if you begin to see the state of the country, we should be having 55000. Including nurses.

Mental health issues and concerns and issues in India has increased due to the pandemic. I am sure even you must be worried just like me.

But, here is the silver lining, we are all in this together.

What can be done?

Actually, there is nothing you can do, right now mental health in India is a big issue.

All You can do is wait it out, hold your family close and abide by the government rules.

However, if you are stuck with an abuser you can always avail help from here.

Picture credit – Murshid

Here is the thing darling, the whole world is broken when it comes to mental health, and India is no exception.

Taking care of yourself and your family is the only thing you can do right now. However, if you need professional help that is available there too.

Moreover, remember you have no other alternative than professional therapists.

if you want to know how I deal with my anxiety during covid you can always click here.

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