Marriage Counselling Near me | Or Are You with an Abuser?

Marriage Counselling Near me | Or Are You with an Abuser?

Marriage counselling near me is nothing to be ashamed off, and if you need it, then you just do.

You don’t have to be shy to know that there is a problem that can be fixed with your partner.

So, I am here to answer a few basic questions for you. If you are looking for Marriage Counselling Near me then the best marriage counselors are right near you.

How Did I deal with my Partner?

Honestly, if you ask me I was never married on legal papers, but, I did live together as a couple for six years.

It was like a marriage. I did choose to go for therapy. there was a lot of violence and lies. I ended up in the ER three times for asking questions about our finances.

So, believe me when I say this, that marriage counselling near me was the only saving grace.

My partner used to hide everything, starting from his drug abuse, to finances. He gas lighted me if I asked questions, and blamed me for sex.

I have been through all of that trauma to know that seeking professional help is the only way to save yourself from a toxic relationship.

In fact, I used to secretly go and see the therapist because he did not believe in such things. In fact, I still have PTSD from all of it. He dislocated my jaw for going to a therapist once without his permission.

  • I am to blame
  • The sex is not good
  • There are other hot women, I should be thankful he is with me

Deal with your relationship anxiety here.

Why Leaving is not Easy?

So, if you need help, then you need help. Living with an abuser is never the right way to go. It took me four years to admit to myself that it was not my fault. And two, to decide to leave.

A lot of people asked me why did I stay when I was being beaten and bruised every day. The answer is never easy till date. It has been 10 years, and it it is still not easy. It is not easy to leave when you are being told you are the monster.

I tried going to family and friends, and they will never believe you or tell you that , you have to put up with it. He is a man after all.

I still remember being pushed down the stairs because I found his cocaine stash that he bought with our rent money. But, we women stay because we are taught to stay.

We are not taught to say ‘NO’.

You can only start to imagine what the sex was like, it was out right ‘rape’. But, when you say it to people, they will tell you he is a man, he needs it.

If I refused then either I got beaten in to it or punished for it by taking away affection.

So, this is why I say today, if you are with an abuser or even if your marriage needs fixing, google search Marriage counselors near me.

It saved my life, and it will yours.

Here is a list of red flags I learned-

  • If he keeps on using the phrase – I fell out of love with you ( people don’t fall out of love, it is scientifically impossible. The chemical formula of love is C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2. Meaning, dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin. That is why we do crazy things in love. So, if he is constantly saying he is fell out of love with you, then he has just managed to defy science.
  • When he ignores yours issues and it festers to the point it manifests itself like a bomb.
  • If he takes no blame in why you are acting or being clingy when he has been absent through out.
  • If he has promised you things and have failed to live up to it because suddenly he decided you are a product on a shelf that can be replaced.

You have to know, that love is not something that comes out of thin air. The world is made of a chemicals, our bodies are a mixture of chemicals.

And, what happens when sometimes we fall sick? We need help, medicine.

Marriage therapy is something as such.

However, here are some basics-

Is marriage Counselling free?

No. Not in India. You need to pay for your sessions which can range from 2000rs to 6000rs depending on your situation.

Who is the best marriage counselor?

There is no doubt that Dr. Nisha Khanna is one of the best marriage counselors available in India.

If you need online counselling then here rates starts from 250rs but, if it is a face to face session then, it can go up to 8000rs depends on the time you need.

Are marriage counselors worth it?

You need to persevere and do everything to save your marriage. If your partner is unwilling the you have to make them understand that there is no shame is asking for help.

However, you also have to do it softly and be the carrier to fix a marriage. Sometimes individual marriage therapy works too. But, it is scientifically the most effective way to fix a marriage.

What is the point of marriage counseling?

You need help sometimes and to improve your marriage it is the most effective way. You can improve your communications and negotiate differences better in your marriage with a marriage counselor.

What is the difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy?

You go to a marriage counselor to improve your married life. Couples therapy is more related to unmarried and unresolved issues that couples are willing to fix. You will face many challenges in your married life and this is why there is no shame in asking for help.

How can I become a counselor without a degree in India?

The answer is, you can’t.

You can’t do psychological counselling without a degree. You have to be a sociology, psychology student to actually do marriage counselling. because, you must be trained in understanding human behavior.

How do you know you need marriage counseling?

  • If you aren’t talking then it is high time.
  • When you are talking everything is gas lighting and negative.
  • If you are afraid to be honest and open with your partner. If your partner is withholding love as punishment
  • When you see your partner as an antagonist. …
  • If secret keeping becomes a habit.
  • When you are financially unfaithful.

There are so many reasons why your marriage may need help, and only you can choose to fix it. You can go the right way and see a therapist or let it fester between you and partner until it becomes bitter.

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