Your Mental Health Matters!

If you look at mental health coping today in the world, it is heavily invested in bringing out the worst side of ourselves.

Whether work or even your personal home front. Life is not getting any easier.

This is where taking care of your mental health has become even more important.

Whether it is Anxiety, Bipolar, depression, each and every one of them is unique. And needs a unique set of support systems.

So, at The Gentle Life Project, we aim to be a community that is free of biases. Free of the social stigmas that push us to hideaway.

The idea that we don’t have a safe place to be ourselves, and address our issues is massively demeaning. You should not have to cross think every time you need to reach out for help.

Your survival and bravery need to worn like badges of honor. Not shame.

What Your Need to Know

So, we want you to know, that no matter who you are straight/gay/lesbian/asexual, we don’t care. If you are a human being and you bleed the same as I do, then this is it.

However, this is your place. Find out more on mental health coping here.

Over the course of time, we will be putting together a list of reading materials to help you. And art and literature that really does help you regain that thread of fighting strength that you think you lost.

If you are a military service returned jawan this is your place. If you are a housewife with nobody to talk to then this is your place too!

The Gentle Life Project is designed with just one mission and one mission only.

Moreover, to help you look after YOURSELF and your mental health.

We are not doctors, we are people who struggle and have decided to share our coping mechanisms with you.

However, be brave my comrades! And be fearless YOU!

Need Help?

There is no alternative to a Professional Health Care Provider. mental health care is a human right, and you have the full right to seek out for help!

However, if you are into reading and if it helps your #mentalhealth –

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