Is Your Chronic Anxiety Disorder Kicking in With Your Guy?

Is Your Chronic Anxiety Disorder Kicking in With Your Guy?

You see, the thing about chronic anxiety disorder and being in a relationship is that, your partner needs to know that from the start.

Beating around the bush is not going to help it for you.

You have to tell them that you have it and that you need assurance time to time. And, if you are unable to get it to from them then maybe it is just not their fault.

They are just wedded to themselves.

However, in Covid times, you need a partner who is there for you. Finding someone like that, may I tell you is hard.

Especially, when the chronic anxiety disorder is kicking in you need him to assure you that he is there. If he fails, you know that he was never there in the first place.

Did You Know there are 6 type of anxiety disorders?

What are the 6 types of Chronic anxiety disorders?

The common ones are actually,

  • Generalized anxiety disorder ( It is a very common one, which is mostly confused in India with worrying too much )
  • Social anxiety. …
  • Specific phobias. …
  • Panic disorder. …
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

And, if your guy is absolutely wedded to himself about issues as such during the lock down, then darling, you are just with the wrong damn guy!

I can’t emphasis how much I have had educated men doing their post graduates act like total jerks about it.

You would be surprised how educated me can be oblivion towards someone else’s issues except theirs.

This is bring me to the point, don’t we women think that , what are they doing with such big degrees when they are wedded to themselves. You need assurance not dependency.

But, you are taught that strong women don’t talk. They can’t have chronic anxiety disorders or any kind of issues for heaven’s sake.

Is Your Guy Wedded To Himself?

You can start by just thinking how they talk to you. Take it or leave it. They would provide you with pocket change of assurance and love instead of scientifically determined endearment processes.

Overbearing, oh! You must have heard the word overbearing so many times for questioning.

However, it need not be that way for you. You do not have to rely on a man who is wedded to his own-self.

Having an anxiety disorder is treatable with endearment and communication. You just need a hug and in the lock down some kind words.

If your guy can’t even tell that they are there for you, oh sweetie, the geometry of love has just gone down the drain for you.

Haven’t you head the following phrases;

  • Overbearing
  • You are too much
  • I don’t want you
  • I didn’t need your issues

Just because, you put yourself out there even knowing that your anxiety is going to kick in.

Moreover, you think these big boys with big degrees learned how to treat a woman. You would be so wrong.

You should know this now and today, your chronic anxiety disorder kicks in this lockdown because your man is wedded to himself. Not to the relationship.

Here are some ways I deal with my anxiety during the covid lock down.

Generalized anxiety disorder causes

Oh baby! So many reasons.You could have had unaddressed childhood issues. You could be with the wrong guy who just won’t budge. You could be with a guy who amplifies it.

Excessive use of drugs is also an issue. But, here, you are with the wrong guy. A guy who is not invested in anything else but himself.

You could see the fat degrees and wonder who the hell gave it to him? If he is incapable of endearment.

So, in conclusion, if you are chronic anxiety disorder is kicking in because your guy is being a jerk, please tell him that.

Maybe, his big fat degrees will work and make him realize that people need to be more caring towards each other.

Or, maybe make him read this – How Men can care more

But, remember darling, there is no alternative to professional therapy. See a therapist if it continues. Men have a way of breaking strong women.

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