Insurance for Mental Health Now Covered in India

Insurance for Mental Health Now Covered in India

Insurance once upon a time was just supposed to be for your physical health. But, gone are those days now for you.

You can easily avail your mental health financial coverage from many leading private banks in India.

I suppose it is safe to say that we have finally come to the point where we can leverage mental and physical health on the same scale.

Are Mental Health Issues Covered by Insurance?

When it comes to your physical health we go to doctors. But, what about your mental health insurances?

For people who are on daily medication, you can only imagine how expensive it gets for them.

This is where mental health care needs insurance covers too.

You need mental health insurance coverage for the following;

  • In case of an emergency with your mental illness
  • If you are having a pre-existing condition

And, it is not just if you are having major mental health illness, even for your regular therapy, financial coverage helps you deal with it financially and solvent.

Moreover, mental health in times of Covid-19 is going to be on the rise and this is where registering with a bank that provides you mental health insurances is going to be of a big help for you.

Why Do You Need to Take Care of Yourself?

Here is the thing guys, you have to be in tune with your mental health. Without a clear grasp of your head, chances you won’t be getting anywhere.

Especially in you are diagnosed with anxiety like me, or even bipolar and depression.

Your mental health dictates how you interact with the world and people around you. And, sometimes, just sometimes, it is all up to you to do it for yourself.

Here are five reasons why you must take care of your mental health –

  • It helps you be more productive
  • You are more able to serve others
  • You can focus on what is important
  • Your physical health is not affected
  • Your relationships and affairs are more stronger

Here is what the government has to state about Health Insurance and Mental Health.

Are There Mental Health Disorder Insurance Coverage?

In short, YES!

Did you know that now Indian banks provide insurance coverage for mental health too.

The Indian government passed the Mental Healthcare Act that ensured mental health to be provided by all insurance companies. This Act, that came into effect last year, finally promised you mental health coverage.

And, made sure that insurance companies will have to make a provisions for you, to avail medical insurance to cover treatment of mental illness with no exceptions and difference from physical healthcare coverages.

The National Mental Health Survey of 2015-16 done by NIMHANS has estimated that nearly 150 million Indians like you are in need of such insurance interventions for you to healthy.

Banks That Provide Mental Health Financial Coverage

You would think that times are behind us but, things are changing for you and me. Finally banks are coming up with ways to help us deal with our mental health.

Financially and also through advice.

Note- Now, most Indian Insurance companies cover mental health under regular medical care too.

Below I will listing the Indian banks that are offering mental health insurance coverage-

ICICI Bank – They have begun to start their financial coverage for mental health.

GIBL – Avail financial mental health coverage there.

TATA AIG – Their medical health insurance includes mental health coverage too.

HDFC ERGO – Their medical health insurances will cover all hospitalizations costs even for mental health illness.

The silver lining for you is that, the process maybe slow, but you are getting there. More and more banks and their CEO’s are putting together resources and policies that include mental health financial coverage.


You may be dealing with so much in your head, and I am sure the lock down is not making it easier. The economy is hit and you just be careful.

But, getting insured if you have a mental health disorder is imperative in such condition.

And, always remember, there is no substitute to mental health care apart from reaching out to a licensed medical professional.

Till then, you stay strong, you stay brave and if you need to talk, just write to me.

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