How to Handle Uncertainty in Covid 19 Pandemic

If you are looking for how to handle uncertainty during the Covid 19 pandemic then you are not alone. If you haven’t kept up till now, you know that the year 2020 has been uncertain by all means. This is where learning how to be emotionally intelligent is going to get you through these hard times.

Like me many of you out there are dealing with uncertainty in terms of job loss, life, finances. And, we are all on the same boat, no matter where we are.

While there is a reality that you can’t change in this pandemic, accepting and doing what you can is the key to getting through it.

The economic loss of the pandemic in 2020 has been a major concern for most people. Many of us have lost our loved ones too. Many of us are dealing with relationship uncertainty and anxiety.

This is how I do it, I take one day at a time. You don’t have to have YouTube channel, a music channel, a cooking channel. Some days you don’t feel like yourself. And, that is okay.

Some days you can be super productive too. Uncertainty is all around us right now. So, the start of the journey begins for you is accepting that there are things beyond your control.

How to Handle Uncertainty in Life | The Role it Plays

If there is one thing that the Covid pandemic has done to all of us, is that it has amplified everything.

Someone of was already struggling is doing worse, someone who was just about to do better isn’t. Our whole lives are full of uncertainties that are beyond our control.

And, that is okay.

Life is uncertain and the fear of uncertainty can leave you with more anxiousness and stress. And, of course there is a level that is different for all of us in how much of it we can take on.

But, the goal is for you to remember every time you are facing uncertainty that, it does not have to consume you. There are things that you can do. For example, here is how you can deal with relationship anxiety during the pandemic.

But, remembering that there are methods that you can apply that can help you deal with the pandemic uncertainty is the key to living better through it.

So, here is how I have challenged my fear of uncertainty during the last six months.

How to handle uncertainty by embracing it

The first step that you can take to reducing your fear of uncertainty, is by diving right in to it. Accept the things that you can change, and the things you can’t. For me, I know I can’t change the pandemic effect on the economy. So, I have learnt to live a slow life.

It is okay to be uncertain in such times and struggle. You have to cut back on costs, your savings have taken a hit. But, that doesn’t mean the bigger picture will never change. You may feel that right now that life will never get back to normal. But it will. It just won’t happen when you want it to. Or at the fast pace you expect it to.

Identify Your Uncertainty Triggers

I have realized that there are certain triggers for me that amplifies my uncertainty during this Covid pandemic. The first two months, I was glued to social media, filling my brains with everything that had the word Covid in it.

I realized that was one of my triggers. So, you can try distancing yourself from social media rumors and follow only a handful of rich and factual resources to know about the pandemic.

One of the main reasons why people are going crazy right now is because of the influx of social media’s role in the pandemic. So, limit your access and take a back seat. Instead, reassure yourself with your family and friends. The day you feel the fear is getting out of hand, be more connected to your family and friends instead of scrolling through Whats App social media rumors over the pandemic.

Actively Be Connected to Yourself Emotionally

The likelihood of the worst outcome even during a pandemic is less. I will tell you why. Because, the world is trying to recover. We all are. So, even though you may think that things won’t change, they will.

So, use this uncertain times to build yourself up to be emotionally intelligent. Don’t build up uncertainty inside of you and not deal with your emotions. Some days I feel super productive, and some days I like like a panda. There are days I don’t even feel like getting out of bed. So, those days I just try to get through the bare minimum.

But, I continue to remind myself that I can’t change reality. But, I can change how I feel about it. I can learn to accept it and slowly get by. How to handle uncertainty? Handle it by not handling it at all.

Do yourself small favors, even if it is just getting out of bed that day and making sure you have eaten and are hydrated. Hug your family more, and if you are alone then spend time reading. Keep yourself up because once this pandemic ends, believe it or not, we are all going to have to get back to the ‘normal’ we knew.

For example, I try to maintain at least the bare minimum routine of sleeping on time and waking up on time, even I will do absolutely nothing that day. I am learning to accept my life in this pandemic and I remind myself that this is a a temporary phase.

I have to retain my energy to work harder once the Covid vaccine comes in and puts us all back to where we remember being.


If you are wondering about how to dandle uncertainty, you can start by what I call, the ‘self healing’ process. Deep breaths, stay connected to your loved ones and always remind yourself that things will get better.

Life will go back to normal, and that is when the hard work starts, so you do not want to lose yourself for a temporary phase. Hold yourself up high even if today you just woke up, brushed your teeth and spoke to your mom.

It is okay, the slow life is designed to help us get us through such uncertain times. And, uncertainty doesn’t always mean that things won’t get back to normal.

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