How Do You Know if You Are Dating the Right Person in 2020?

How Do You Know if You Are Dating the Right Person in 2020?

How do you know if you are dating the right person? Honestly, nobody knows.

However the COVID-19 lockdown has sure changed what relationships are supposed to be, hasn’t it?

Has modern dating suddenly realized that sex is not going to save the relationship? A ring nor a threesome would either.

Have you found yourself looking and reaching out for more than what the normal, or so called normal dating rules have taught you?

Suddenly, everybody has to just reply on the old fashioned idea. You ahve reply on the expectation that they see you above all the levels.

The strains and the ideals.

You actually have to work at your relationship now right?

The modern dating just got a reboot.

Are You Dating the Right Partner in COVID-19 Lockdown?

If the lockdown has you feeling any different than what you knew your partner to be. Then either you were wrong or you are finally evolving together.

The old gritty love has been brought back by the designers of modern dating.

Letter have become WhatsApp messages rmeinding each other of what you mean.

I suppose, you would know you are with the right partner in 2020, is by how safe and content you feel with the distance.

In a city like Calcutta, where hopes and dreams are magically supposed turn in to plays for you. You would find Saturday nights as the hope for modern dating.

Restaurants full of potential partnering specimens all looking towards either of the two goals. Getting laid or the state of matrimony.

So, now what do you do when the restaurants are no longer serving and you are stuck with someone who barely even knows you? Or puts any effort into it?

Well, this is probably going to be an eye opener for many, many un-named couples.

Is the Married Squad Really Having That Much Sex?

You would think they are.

But, have you wondered what is happening to all those secret affairs they were having?

Here’s my take on such a peculiar situation.

As, much as you would want tho believe that the married squad is sexually invading the modern dating doldrum.

They actually aren’t. However, that doesn’t mean they are not having an experience unique too.

So, don’t worry about the distance because, it really isn’t what we make it to be.

Moreover, while you are trying to figure out whether this relationship of yours will test the times. You may also want to take note that, finally. But, finally, relationships now are forced to depend on old fashioned intimacy and attachment.

Are You Dating Someone Who is Actually There?

In such trying times however, what you really would want is to know that you are not alone.

So, if you are feeling that way, then your man is really not present.

How do you know if you are dating the right person if you can’t even find them there right?

  • Well here is a few pointers in the COVID-19 lockdown to help you.
  • Is he distancing himself from you when you are struggling?
  • Does essentialness irritate him?
  • Is he aware of your condition?
  • Are you both regularly trying to keep each other’s spirits up?
  • Is he talking about a future with you?

If a lockdown doesn’t want him wanting a future with you, then honey, move on. This man is not here for the love.

Here is a good read on the Geometry of Dating and Loneliness.


If the COVID-19 has taught us anything at all, that you would know that this is trying times for relationships.

But, if a lockdown is enough to know that there isn’t anything there, then it is always time for you to move on.

Relationships are built on love, good sex and mostly compromise.

The COVID-19 has taught us that it takes a lot more than just good sex and coffee shops.

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