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Did you know that, Rajiya Devi, a daily wage laborer, is struggling to feed her family of 7 as she can’t work due to lockdown. Have you heard that Dhaneshwar Mistry, a self-employed carpenter, recently got paralyzed and hasn’t earned anything in the last 2 months, and his family of 10 is struggling for survival.

Moreover, even that Shanti Devi, (65 years) used to depend on the remittances sent by her son – a migrant worker in Surat.

But the remittances have stopped coming. Coronavirus has caused unprecedented hardships to millions of poor and vulnerable people, affecting their health, food security and livelihoods.

What Does GFFSI Do? Grameen Foundation India

You will find that, Grameen Foundation for Social Impact have launched the COVID19 Response initiative, under which they are extending unconditional cash transfer to the most marginalized and vulnerable households.

Especially, in Bihar and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

You know that right now, in the pandemic, Cash transfer is the most powerful way to help people in emergencies. Even someone like me and you know it is the most efficient way to help the vulnerable. You are giving to the people to make their own decisions.

You will find that they use a mobile/ digital platform to manage the end to end process of the below-

  • Beneficiary identification,
  • Assessing their vulnerability,
  • Recommending the shortlisted beneficiaries and
  • Making direct bank transfers to their bank account. 

You would find that this is the most efficient process ensures that

  • (i) the cash transfers reach the people who are the most in need and
  • (ii) a quick turn-around time to get funds in the hand of the people.

Please see our fundraising page on the Milaap site:

Here arethree reasons why you should consider making a donation today to our fundraiser today:

1.     Every rupee donated reaches someone truly in need in this hour of crisis. You can view some of the stories from field here

2. For your every donation, our impact partners match a further 15% contribution. That means that your donation creates an even larger impact.

3. As an organization, you will find it holding the Guidestar Transparency Key award. You can be confident that your contribution to Grameen will be put to effective use, transparently.

We have been humbled by the generosity of people like you. Your social consciousness of children donating their pocket money, by the empathy of retired people donating their pension.

Every rupee matters. Please make your donation today, and further spread the word in your organization, in your friends, family and social network.

Here are some of the links to our social media handles. 

Facebook :

Twitter :

LinkedIn :

On behalf of the vulnerable and poor people who will benefit out of your contribution, we at Grameen Foundation express our gratitude for your help and standing in solidarity.

This is how Grameen Foundation is helping the affected –

Some of us at Grameen Foundation India came together to talk to you about something in the time of #COVID19 Join hands…

Posted by Grameen Foundation India on Friday, May 29, 2020

However, always remember, India needs us now more than ever. Every penny counts. And, if we leave our backbone behind, our daily wagers, small businesses, framers, women, we will never move ahead.

You can make a difference. You can change the country during the Covd19 phase.

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