Hacks on Finding the Right Psychologist in 2020

Hacks on Finding the Right Psychologist in 2020

It is not easy finding the right psychologist. Not at least now, and I understand that, just like me, you are looking for an outlet. A therapist near me is probably one of the most searched sentences lately.

No April Fool’s prank can top the bullshit 2020 is pulling off on us. And, if you are stuck in your lockdown with mental health struggles, then it is harder.

Staring at those concrete walls all day, and if you are single and alone in your apartment. Time, pants and bras don’t exist anymore for you I suppose.

It doesn’t for me. But, that doesn’t mean that help is not available.

So, if you are stuck just like me with a head that’s a bag full of cats screeching, then here is how to can try get help.

Finding the Right Psychologist | Easy Hacks

Trying to find a therapist is like going through a few break ups. You will probably get there, but not in a jiffy.

But, there are a few golden thumb rules that you may want make notes of.


This is probably going to be your best shot at actually finding the right psychologist in 2020. However, there is a catch. Recommendations are personal.

What worked for Karen, may not work for you. But, if Karen found quality and solidity in her therapist, maybe you should take a look.

Personal, upfront recommendations are exactly what will bring you closer to that verbal armchair brain massage.

Call the Therapist

Nothing will give you more insight about what kind of therapist this person is if you don’t have a conversation with them. So, make that call, see what your intuition says about them.

Online Shopping

Evidently, you would actually find some really good therapy platforms online. This is actually a place to start if you are nervous.

In fact, BETTERLYF is an online therapy platform that has licensed psychologists online.

Maintaining your entire patient confidentiality. Now, you may also wonder, if there are any Free Online Counselling options. And, yes there are many.

7Cups is one of them. You can find free and paid plans on here.

Here are some depression self care tips.

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Therapist?

One of the first things that I wondered was;

” How do I know if my therapist is a good fit?

That got me to make a list of the No-Nos. You would rather know what you can’t work with than trying to figure out what you might.

  • The therapist is not a good fit if you don’t feel heard.
  • Neither is you are uncomfortable.
  • If you are being shamed for your feelings, not a good fit either.
  • If your therapist will not teak their approach according to your unique needs, not a good fit either for you.

The above list help me narrow my options down in trying to find the right theraist for myself.

Have You Found Yourself Wondering ‘How to Trust My Therapist?’

In your journey to finding the right psychologist, you will often question yourself. Wonder whether you should trust your therapist or not?

This is is where I always say that going to therapy is like having an affair.

You have to give yourself time to develop that trust.

I would also advise you to discuss your trust issues with your therapist, as they are equipped to help you through your therapy.


Truth being said, in this concrete container we call our lives, finding the right kind of counselling is like looking for a needle in an actual hay stack.

I personally went through a few of them until I found my right fit. However, none of such questions should stop you from reaching out to professional help.

There is no substitute or feel good blogs for that.

If getting up close and personal is something coupled for later on, on your journey then online therapy platforms work as an excellent option.

They are not just easy on your wallet but, it can prepare you for your face to a face therapy appointment in the future.

Getting in touch with a lisenced healthcare provider was the bravest and best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Stay home, stay safe and look after yourselves!

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