Did Somebody Break Your Heart? Early Signs

Did Somebody Break Your Heart? Early Signs

Did somebody break your heart? Well, in this COVID lock down he played me and broke my heart. Funny isn’t it how a guy can do so many mean things then act like nothing at all happened?

When you meet somebody and they kiss you on your forehead at the airport making promises, you believe them. That’s how we girls are. We believe. Especially, we strong ones who have plunged to the bottom of the lake to know who we are.

But, clearly, some men think we women are to be toyed with. New relationships can make you feel full and happy. But, believe me when I say this no matter how educated some men may be they are just ill raised when it comes to treating women.

Education has never been the measure of the heart. And, as for me, nothing trumps the heartache.

I actually jumped the third floor to end my life after what he did to me. But, of course I was grieving the loss of family and lot more other things, and he kicked me when I was down.

I suppose he could roll that piece of degree paper and throw it right out the dustbin and go back to his mother and ask her if anybody broke her heart ever.

But, there are signs, signs that come along the way for you to notice. But, sometimes you are so blinded by their lies, you don’t see it.

So, here are the signs that I didn’t see and got myself a life time broken heart syndrome, multiple body dislocations and a life time’s therapy too.

Signs that He is Going Break Your Heart

When You Put Your Personal Life on Hold For Him

When you are in love, you really go out of your way to make that relationship work. But, here is the trick if the guy is not doing his part then it is just you who has put their life on hold for him.

That is not the right way to go about. It is a two way street. Especially if you battle anxiety issues, when you see him ridiculing and not being connected it will tear your soul to the core.

That is one of the first signs that he is nothing but a piece of shit who was ill raised. Or maybe his mother never taught him how to love. Sad isn’t it?

You take on Bad Behavior

Bad behavior doesn’t always have to be violent. it could be distancing himself from you, your soul, your heart. Having no regard to what you are going through.

Most importantly, kicking you right when you are on your knees. It happened to me. I lost my family and he kicked me right where it hurt while I was recovering on a wheelchair with a stroke and cardiac arrest.

He will come up with reasons like ‘ I don’t want to be with someone who can’t preserve life’. Well, the question remains, did my life matter to when it should have the most?

Or did your mother forget to teach you empathy? That is bad behavior and if you are tolerating it then, it is a major sign that he is going to break your heart.

Bad behavior is also them telling you how horrible you are and treating you like dirt. Why their mother never taught them to be human, is beyond me.

I guess something are not taught to these over achievers at home or school.

He Compares You to His Past

This is the lowest of the lowest when he does this. My ex compared me to his gold digger ex wife. Funny enough I never took a penny from him, never wanted anything that money can buy.

But, I was called a nympho for wanting to spend time with him virtually due to the distance and the COVID lock down. I wish I saw these signs when I had the time, maybe then I wouldn’t have to jump the third floor to end my life.

This is absolutely unacceptable when a man does this to a woman who wanted nothing but love.

Here is the funny part, even if you are transparent about your past with him, and he uses it as a weapon to legitimize his past, yes! He is going to break your heart.

I wonder has anybody broken his mother’s heart before? Maybe only then he would know what he did, and so would most men who are educated but has a vacuum brain.

Don’t give yourself away to a man who was not raised to empathize. because these are the men with big jobs and lots of big talks but lacks the basics of being a human being.

He Does Not Acknowledge You Going Beyond Yourself For Him

When a woman is really in love they make future plans, they move mountains or at least plan to. But, if he is not acknowledging those efforts then maybe his parents never taught him to.

If he can see you make the changes and yet kick you when you are down, girl, he is going to break your heart, your soul and take away every thing you have lived on so far.

That is what happened with me. You wouldn’t have to worry over did somebody break your heart. or where your life stands right now.

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Broken heart syndrome is a real thing girls. it is. It enlarges your heart. It can plunge you in to a cardiac arrest, stroke and also kill you eventually. But, men, they don’t care about women who want nothing but love. Give them a gold digger and they will love to bitch about it as usual.

So, look out for the above signs when you are in a relationships, these are all red flags that tell you how ill raised that man is.

Maybe then you wouldn’t be on a wheel chair like me trying to fight for my life.

So, look out for these scumbags.

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