Depression and Unemployment | It is OK

Depression and Unemployment | It is OK

Depression and unemployment has a long and intimate affair. you would think that being elevated in your thinking would bring you closer to what you are good at.

Evidently depression and unemployment doesn’t really work that way.

Depression will make your soul and body ache. will stop you from combing your hair. Hell!!

I went a week trying to find the courage to comb my hair. Have you been there?

Well, that is when my jobs went out of the window. It became hard to concentrate on anything apart from the voices in my head.

Depression and Unemployment has History

When it comes to how we decide what we are good at, our mental health plays a vital role there. Think about it, there are so much you would want to do.

But, depression gets in the way, those voices get in the way. telling you the things you are not supposed to believe.

With the history of depression having the faith to stay focused during a job search period is just as tough. People won’t get you. But, that is okay.

Here is some reading material on dealing with anxiety.

What I Do During my Depressive Episode & Out of Job

The truth is, holding on to a job becomes a real challenge when I am waking up with massive panic attacks and barely find the will to move.

I have also had a rough couple of years trying to find my place in the world. Haven’t found it yet. But, have tried to make do with what I have.

Especially through my depression and unemployment phase.

So, here are a few things I try to do.

I also do these things to manage my depression.

I Shortlist My Skills

I am a poet and painter. meaning I have a day job that pays my bills while I write and paint away in to the week parts of the night.

Bit, I have learned that not everything will make me money. So, early on, I started to shortlist my skills.

I realized I write commercial copies well, so I built a client base for my content writing skill.

That way when I am going through jobs, I know I have that one skill that will pay the minimum of my bills.

I would suggest you shortlist yourself a skill that you can fall back on.

It will help you hold on the faith during a depressive episode.

I Pay Attention to My Moods

While being a depression patient for years now, and if there is one thing I can definitely say is that I know when I am going to be hit.

I can feel my mood change and how I start losing breath.

And, I have also learned to make place for it in my life. So, if you are like me graveling through life’s hardest questions, be mindful about your mood swings.

Don’t shy away from an episode, in fact, make place for it. Get your comfort food and blanket, maybe close in and do the things that make you feel better.

Even if it just going to a Pet Shop near by.

It is okay to be different, and you do not have to apologize for any of it.

Make that cup of soup, drink that last bottle of wine.

Because, if you won’t be taking care of yourself then nobody will.

Depression and unemployment together can really convince you of the vividness you fear.


Don’t allow it to consume you to the point that you can’t crawl out.

Always crawl out.

If you can’t, reach out for a helping hand.

But! God! Please crawl out.


There is no shame is being in tune with yourself. There is no shame in taking time off. Depression and unemployment doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

But, more of a time where you can reflect, filter and hit the job market with a renewed perspective.

However, if you need a ear to listen to you, you can always contact me through our contact us page.


Bravery is not all stars and stripes. Sometimes, bravery is in just stepping out of your bed and doing the things you have been meaning to do. Like….breathe and live.

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