Dating in India and Men | Are the Good Ones Gone?

Dating in India has a culture of its own. Especially when it comes to men. Dating in India vs America has a big difference.

Here, we women are the ones who are usually taking the load. However, that does not mean man bashing. Even men have been having a hard time navigating through this tricky route of dating.

You will see a beauty in the air when Spring hits India. Not too cold, but not to hot, the leaves start to change, and people start holding hands more.

But, has the idea of modern dating changed how the genders now date?

Dating in India | Women’s Perspective

You will find three types of women looking to start a relationship in India.

  • The kind who will visit restaurants hoping to tie the knot
  • Women who are independent and will not give in ( Yes! We are the ones they don’t want eventually )
  • Then, comes the ones who will settle because, life has taught them nothing else.

You also have to take in to account the amount of arranged marriages that take place consent and choice goes right out of the window.

However, this article is not for that. That is a human rights issue which we need to fight for still.

I will stick to our urban and metro dating in India.

What do you really want in your man? Let us be honest here ladies, we want a man, who is devoid of their tiny ego and indifference. We want to feel sexy and smart.

It is not a validation you want, it is the comfort of knowing that YOU ARE enough to the man you commit to or trying to.

Even on a first date, what do we educated, successful women look for? The man to pay the bill or the man who will walk you home and kiss you goodnight?

The Era of Women and Wants

As many as there may be real dating sites in India, ask yourself, how many times have you found a man there who would ask you the right questions?

Successful Indian women no longer need to be rescued. In fact, if you really are being honest with yourself, what you want is to be treated equally in the mental and the physical aspect.

Now, coming to the ladies who hog expensive restaurants chairs hoping to tie the knot.

Do you think they are not looking for the same thing? Some call them gold diggers, but, well maybe some of them are.

And, some of them are just like you and me looking for a MAN. Not a boy who thinks he can.

But is it not weird that somehow, everyone of them want to Put a dog shock collar on your neck?

Restrain please!

As if we are dogs who need training and need to make at the right time.

Is the idea of a Man treating a Woman like a human a myth? Or, do we just have to navigate through this for the rest and rest of iourlives.

However, there are women who are fierce. They do not take NO for an answer.

They are also called the bitches, sluts and oh yes! Restrain please!

Will these beautiful, successful women ever find the right man who can walk with her, not behind nor ahead. But, just let women be who they are.

Women were designed to worshiped and men were designed to be loved. Thoroughly. Inevitably.

Have you seen how the tables have turned? It is almost a myth to think that a woman births a man too.

The Men and Dating in India

Let us approach this neutrally. Not all men are bad. The good ones just are not allowed to be good anymore.

If a man is not working he is called a sissy, if he is not masculine he is called names.

The burden set on their shoulders has been so huge that, have you ever seen a man be himself?

However, none of that excuses the scientific maxim that violence is a man trait. But, that again, we are nearing human rights issues for which we can make another article.

But, tell me here what wouldn’t you do for a man who would just let you be you.

Not dog collar you in to ticking boxes. Just love you even when it gets hard.

I suppose that is the difference between men and women.

Men vs Women | Love

Women are designed to bear fruit.

Men are designed to get tired easily.

But, if you ever find a man who is comfortable in his shoes, let him be him, the hard, the bad, the good, the sweet, the moody.

Men respond to love very differently. Like how children respond to their mother’s.

They are not like us. Men can’t bear the pain of birth. And, sure as hell can’t comprehend the life we bear at every step.

But, if you can just navigate through those messy hair and dirty laundry and mood swings, then he is a keeper.

If he sit with you and your rants and your long texts and still wants to make love to you even when you don’t have enough love for yourself; he’s the one.

Stay away from the men who make it about themselves, and their needs, and their rules.

Those are the ones that were failed by their parents.

You keep the ones who can nurture with you.


Women are like trees, someone very strong told me that once. But, if the earth they stand on is rotten, they will crumble.

However, men are water. They can flow, they can nurture too. Find the one that nurtures the earth you stand on. Not breaks it.

Here’s the Vogue’s guide to modern dating.

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