Top 7 Dammit Dolls on Amazon | Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety

Top 7 Dammit Dolls on Amazon | Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety

If you have seen how 2020 is playing itself out then you need the best Dammit Dolls on Amazon. If there is one thing that is bound to get you through the long 16 hour work from home sessions. Then Dammit dolls are here to the rescue. I can’t imagine a better stress relief toy available right now. It lets you relief your stress and frustration better than Dammit Dolls. Why? Because, they are just so good at being your stress relief super hero.

What is a Dammit Doll?

Have you ever worked on an assignment for work so intensely that you forgot to click on ‘save’? or just need to hit something to get the negativity out? Dammit dolls on Amazon are to the rescue for you. Cloth made dolls that are designed to let you hit it around and get the stress out and get your happy back on.

You need to deal with this pandemic, work from home shifts and need to hit something? Then a Dammit Doll is your go-to stress management tool. It is as if the inventors of the Dammit Dolls knew that 2020 is going to bring frustration, you need this today.

it comes with a poem printed on it too just for you. Which I know is going to linger on you once you get your very own one.

The Dammit Doll Poem

“When things aren’t going as well as you wish, and you want to scream and shout; Here’s a little dammit doll you just can’t live without. Simply grab it by the legs, find a place to slam it; And as you beat the livin’ stuffin’ out of it yell: DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!”

Now, that I am sure is something that is going to help you next time you hit low and need to slam something. Hoping it helps you avoid all the property damage and hopefully arrests too.

Top 7 Dammit Dolls on Amazon | Hit it, Stretch it, Relieve Your Stress

I for one, can’t go a week without my Dammiit Doll in recent times. But, if you have moments of despair and just need to get your stress out, this is going to change how you work.

Find the best Dammit Dolls on Amazon below. And, believe me it works like a charm!

I decided to get right to the crux of the recent outrage, the politics we are engulfed in. And, with recent agenda, you may need the first Dammit doll on Amazon that makes our list.

Dammit Doll – Limited Edition – The President Doll

Amazon’s choice, 587 ratings with a total five star review, yes you need this to get through this election season. Totally fun and a perfect stress relief toll and a gag gift if you want.

It doesn’t matter if you are red or blue, slam, whack and slam again. Right when you have had enough of the political circus. This red tied, blue suited, orange haired doll that comes to you in a compact 12 x 2 x 5 inches. You are surely going to love slamming this one around. Also, it is made of pure cotton, making it your skin’s best friend too!

Dammit Doll – Limited Edition – The Kimmie Doll

Release your pent up anger and frustration with America’s favorite stress relief tool. Yes! The Kimmie Dammit Doll on Amazon. You guessed it, now all you have to do is slam it and get all your pent up insults out. It is as if, it was made for the character Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Imagine Chandler having this Kimmie doll, bet the jokes would be really fun to watch, not it isn’t already. But, I would love to see him carrying one. Just bang this doll around every time you are hitting your point of frustration and anxiety.

Dammit Doll Kimmie Edition

Made of pure cotton and a nice and a compact 12 x 2 x 5 inches you are all set to win this stress relief game in 2020. However, you can slam the negativity out next time you sent an email you should not have.

Dammit Doll – Win The 6th Man – Green & Black

If you are a sports fan and overtime is getting you down, then this is it. The Dammit Doll Win the 6th Man edition is set for all your game nights when you need to slam something around. Moreover, it also makes it as a great gag gift for your sports enthusiastic friends who broke your lamp last game season.

Dammit Doll Sports edition

You get 21 different colors, so all you have to do is choose the color you are on. All of them are handmade for your comfort and the size is absolutely right to fit your stress relief game. The size is right and ergonomically for your anxiety relief tool to fit in your hands. You get the compact size of 12 x 1.5 x 6 inches and pure cotton to slam your game night negativity right out.

Dammit Doll – Dammit Duo – Set of Two Random Stress Relief

Sometimes, you just need two of them to slam and whack it around. However, if you are looking to make it a gift for someone, this duo is perfect. Soothing to the eyes and perfect for your anxiety relief management, have fun slamming them around.

Dammit Doll Duo Edition

Believe me the year 2020 is calling for this duo slamming anxiety relief technique and you are invited. Each Dammit doll stands up at 12″ tall and with no ears. So, you will not be judged on how loud you are screaming at it. You now have the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or your friends and co-workers.

Dammit Doll – Limited Edition – Dammit Santa Grinch

Are the holidays bringing you down? Do you need to slam something for your next Christmas family dinner? Or are you forced to work through the holidays? Or maybe the Grinch IS your spirit animal. However, whichever it maybe, now you have your very own Holiday season edition Dammit doll on Amazon to help you relief the holiday pressure.

Dammit Doll Santa Grinch Edition

Here is your handful of 12″ of stress relief goodness, so you don’t get arrested this 2020. Or pay out big bills for property damage. If you are hitting low this year, here is your buddy and your upper to help you bring back your ‘happy’.

Dammit Doll – Dammit Cannabis

In this day and age, you and I and everybody needs a Dammit Doll. And, this pick of ours makes it a perfect gift for your cannabis enthusiastic friends. Or, maybe if you have rolled the blunt wrong and need to relieve your stress right away. However, you can still have this little buddy right where you want it when you have to have your stress relief game on.

Dammit Doll Cannabis Edition

This is your 12″ of goodness to help you release your stress and works as your favorite go to buddy anytime. Filled with polyester fiber and made of 100% cotton, now you have the best stocking stuffer. However, also you now have a personalized gag gift for your friend who just won’t stop rolling a blunt.


Dammit Doll on Amazon – Dammit Pets

Has your pet been giving you hard time? Well, of course you can’t yell at your cat or dog. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t scream at all. Moreover, Dammit Doll, Dammit Pets collection is designed to help you deal with your work from home shifts. While your dog and cat is leaving gifts on the carpet. You can slam it, or whack it to deal with your pet despair while dodged with deadlines all from home. Making your quarantine days totally worth it now. However, you do get to choose from their cat and dog edition.

Your pets won’t even know that you were stressed out anymore. You have your very own 12″ of stress management tool right in your hands now. Dammit dolls on amazon just got even more fun with your pets edition. You can be a cat or a dog person, you can choose both too!


Simply put you need a Dammit Doll now. In fact all of us do. Designed to help you navigate your negative energy out in the right way, you can have your very own buddy in your hands now. However, if you are looking to learn how to cope with 2020, here is how to handle uncertainty and tips that work.

Don’t get arrested or pay property damage anymore. Just get your very own Dammit Doll on Amazon to help you with your stress in 2020.

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