COVID 19 News in Isolation | What to Do

COVID 19 News in Isolation | What to Do

If you have been around on the internet with COVID 19 news then you know that the self-isolation of COVID 19 is an introvert’s dream.

But here is the messy part. Most people who battle mental health, like you me have been self isolating for years now.

Have you happened to see how the world is changing itself to this new viral disease?

Old people dancing in isolation in their vintage veranda in Tuscany. Our stubborn uncles suddenly swear by the very hygiene they once lacked.

Did it take such a travesty for the world to realize how fragile and easy it is to lose life?

Is COVID 19 News going to make us more depressed?

The short answer is. Maybe.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. I know it is not easy being in isolation and now more than ever, it is medically prescribed.

The thoughts are going to creep in, the voices in our heads will get louder and the monsters under the beds will emerge.

And, if you ask me with this outbreak of COVID 19 may also make it impossible for you to go and meet your therapist.
All of these just seems like the universe has gone out of its way to make it harder for us right?

Frankly speaking here, I suppose.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Why?

Because, this COVID 19 isolation can help us to rewire our reactions towards life. Or the very least introspect.

Find some self care tips to deal with your anxiety during the COVID 19 outbreak.

What I Do with the Time & Isolation 

I have been diagnosed with chronic anxiety and manic depression for years now.  

However, these exact demons have also brought me closer to the universe I experience. 

It has helped me understand the projection of people. 

So, I suppose I can take this opportunity to tell you that if there is one thing you will learn from this isolation; it will be patience. 

A lesson that will stay with you all your life.

Patience for yourself. 

Don’t you see that old couple hand in hand in the veranda, dancing on a late and lazy afternoon?

I know the world is breaking, but for once we stand united as we fall.

And, divided we stand.

I suppose for people like us, smelling the roses and breathing is the only option.

We have to survive.

Push that table to another part of the house for the 100th time. Change your curtains again.

But, know that you are not alone.

For the first time you are not alone. Looking after yourself has become a medically prescribed method.

And, if you ask me, read that book again, dance to Bowie, like nobody is watching.

Make that cake again and discover parts of you that you forget was there.

Or maybe, never knew they were in the first place.


There is no advice that I can give, that will make you feel any less lonely through this COVID 19 isolation.

But, if there is one thing you will walk out with after all the dust settles, then that is ‘resilience’.

I promise you that.

Note- To stay updated on all COVID 19 events click here.

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