Counselling Near Me | Is That What You Are Looking For?

If you have been in a relationship that has ruined your soul, the counselling near me would be your first google search. However, if you know men then you know that they can sabotage a woman they love just like that.

So I decided to look for counselling near me in my google search. I wanted to fix my broken heart.

This is the problem with people who are raised to be liars and non sympathizers. They not just are garbage of a solid kind but they take down others with them.

You can always opt for relationship counselling. And, you do not need the man child who plunged you in to darkness.

You can heal and you can find help.

In fact, there are many free relationship counselling online too.

How to Find Counselling Near Me?

There are many ways you could find counselling near you. Online relationship counselling is available.

In current times, most psychologists prefer to do the relationship counselling online for safety measures.

One of the easiest ways that you can find counselling near you is by going through the reviews of psychologists online.

Then you can make a direct call and ensure that you have found the right person who will list to you and your broken heart.

What is Relationship Counselling?

The success rate of relationship counselling is 70 to 80%. And if you are looking for counselling near me on google then the best option for you would be Dr. Indranil Dutta (PhD).

Relationship counselling is one of the ways in which you can not just rebuild your broken self but also build your behavioral techniques for future relationships.

Can You Get Relationship Counselling Online Near You?

In times of COVID most counselling near me is done online. You can choose to do your relationship counselling online too with doctor all over India, globally.

Online relationship counselling is just as good as face to face, and frankly, in current situation that is exactly what would work for you.

One of the best relationship counselling online free is Betterlyf. They do have paid options too.

Why I Can’t Move On Anymore?

I have been in therapy and on a wheel chair. I have tried to end my life too. But, I survived. Don’t ask me why and how.

maybe because the man I fell for lied through his nose to finally decide I was not good enough.

Ad, I am sure that doesn’t cut it and there are many girls out there who has shared similar experiences like me.

There comes along a man who will make promises and you fall for it. But, sadly their mothers raised them wrong. You wonder how can someone be so kind to you then treat you like garbage.

Well, ladies that is just a reflection of the household that man comes from. You can ask him to go back home as ask his mother how her heart break felt.

But, women are like trees, we give. You would give yourself away till you have nothing else to live on.

And, sadly, even with your broken pieces you would still love that man.

That is what is happening with me. So, I needed to see a relationship counselor online to help me not jump the third floor again.

Find Marriage Counselors here.


If you had a man walk all over you and kick you in your gut, you should be looking out for help. And, not do what I did.

Because believe me when I say this, they can have the best jobs, the best of education and they will still break your heart.

If your man can’t go back home and ask his mother how a heart break feels, then maybe it is time for you to let lose of that garbage train.

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