Best Psychologists in Delhi- Reach Out

Best Psychologists in Delhi- Reach Out

If you are looking for the best psychologists in Delhi then you have come to the right place. You don’t need therapy only if you have a mental disorder. You can avail therapy even if you are going through a phase.

Therapy is not just for you and me who suffer from a disorder but for all.

Why You need a Psychologist in Delhi?

For you to be well and function-able mental health wellness is very important. It brigs you a happier and more fulfilled lifestyle. You can have problems that you can’t talk it out with your known and loved ones.

This is where therapy comes in.

When you reach out to a medical professional they can help you navigate your issues better and in scientific methods. All of this helps you build the better version of yourself for the future.

Here’s a list of top psychotherapist in Delhi n the city you can reach out to. All of our recommendations have been tested and tried.

Top Psychologists in Delhi | 2020

They are all not just accredited but with a successful client serving list that will help you build confidence too.

Dr Sujatha D Sharma

Contact: 011 26526243/26564955

Dr Monika Sharma

Contact: 011 46052017


Contact: 011 40769002/41092787/26864488

Vidyasagar Institute Of Mental Health And Neuro And Allied Sciences

Contact: 011 29802980

Sanchita Mental Health Foundation

Contact: +91 9910848200

Dr Akshay Kumar

Contact: 0124 4511111

Dr Shelja Sen

Contact: 011 46084842, 0124 4004625

Who is the best psychologist in Delhi?

If I were to speak from experience, then for you the following therapist in Delhi would really benefit you

Dr. Neelam Mishra

You would definitely be able to book an appointment with here in the hospital. However, do in sure that you get your appointment as soon as possible if you are in dire need of mental health coping assistance.

In short, book an appointment with Dr. Neelam here.

How much does it cost to see a Therapist in India?

When you are going through the list of psychologist in Delhi, it may come across as expensive.

However, there is no price that you can put o your mental well being during the Covid 19.

In the list of therapists in Delhi, the indicator can’t be put on their qualification only,. You have to understand it is a relationship you build with your therapist.

Therapy in India could cost you between 500-5000 INR an hour. It all depends on the kind of treatment you need.

Our list of therapists in Delhi all cover problems from;

  • disorganized schizophrenia symptoms
  • catatonic schizophrenia
  • simple schizophrenia
  • undifferentiated schizophrenia
  • paranoid schizophrenia
  • disorganized schizophrenia test
  • Teen and Childhood OCD
  • ADHD
  • Depression Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • And, more.

However, whenever you approach a therapist and a psychologist being absolutely clear on your issues will help them diagnose and treat you accurately.

How do psychotherapists in Delhi treat different mental health issues?

Generally, you would find psychologists in Delhi who are skilled for a various range of mental disorders.

Moreover, being clear about your mental health symptoms will be your first step at determining whether that psychologist in Delhi is the right fit for you.

Where to Look for a Therapy in India?

However, there are many ways.

Online is one of the best ways to look for psychologists in Delhi.

Apart from that, you should always want recommendations. However, once you are mindful of your own symptoms, ask for references of psychologists in Delhi who deal with your issues.

Therefore, you would not be wasting your time and avail mental health therapy in India as soon as possible.

And, if you are not ready for a face to face therapy session there are many psychologists online. However, here is one of the best for therapy in Delhi. Click here to find out more.

And, if you are looking for distraction here is a poetry book to help you through the lock down. WRONG- Poetry for the Misfits.

And, if you are looking for self care help to deal with anxiety during the Covid 19 lock down, here is how to deal with Anxiety through the Covid 19 lock down.


Therapy in India is available, psychologiststs in Delhi are full and plenty. You do not have to worry about anything but just reach out. Even if you do not have a mental health disorder. Even if it just a phase.

But, remember, mental health wellness is the only weapon that will get you through tough and easy times.

Till then, stay strong, be brave and reach out.

If you need to talk, just leave a comment with your email address or find me on my Contact Us page.

Or find me here too.

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