Anxiety in COVID-19 Lockdown – Self Care Hacks

Anxiety in COVID-19 Lockdown – Self Care Hacks

Anxiety has so many ways of creeping up on you. Especially when it is just so hard to detect it. General anxiety disorder is far more found among us with the Covid_19 lockdown.

However, when it comes to a house plant like me who needs enough watering and sun. I am probably this close scratching the walls.

The uncertainly in the so-called normal life we knew was bad enough. And, now you are locked in a concrete container.

General anxiety disorder and chronic anxiety maybe two extremes that you may be dealing with in the current situation. Also the slow decay of the society’s system that is built to be bailed out by socialism every 10 years.

For, me and you in their 30’s in an economy that is functioning worse than a badly driven truck on a southeast Asian highway. The light to you and me may just be that very truck itself.

Heading right towards us.

So, how do I still manage to not do something drastic and irreversible you may ask?

I Know My Boundaries with my Anxiety Disorder

More than often it is hard t know where your boundaries lie with your anxiety episodes.

I have learned that unless I know my boundaries, my anxiety episodes will ripple over the glass top and spread.

This forced me over the years to create my own support system during my uncertain episodes.

For example, when I know I am heading towards a point of no return. When I can feel myself losing grip. I usually self contain myself and shut down.

I know, it is not the best of ways to do it. And, I am not saying that it will work for you.

This process only works when you have a small yet strong support network regularly checking up on you.

Use this time to feel the person you are in your head and have insight on what works to calm yourself down. And identify isolation and anxiety triggers.

Eat Right Always

As much as you would think that your fooding habits do not affect your anxiety. Well, you could not more away from the truth.

I am not asking you to break your bank and only eat organic and expensive.

But, during your episodes, you would want to pay attention to how hydrated you are. Maybe stop the oily fries and move to grains. Something that gives you energy but doesn’t drain your system.

Vitamin C is a great helper with general anxiety disorders.

Here is some science backed details on how to handle anxiety disorders.

You can also find more tips on how I have managed to deal with anxiety so far.

Journal Yourself

Oh, this is God sent I swear. In fact, one of the most effective ways that you can monitor your mood swings.

Take time in identifying patterns from your journals. It will tell you how to deal with yourself in particular settings and environments.

Providing you a perspective in handling Covid_19 lockdown alone battling an anxiety disorder.

However, a daily journal will also help you in dealing with loneliness. It has the power to steer you towards developing hobbies to distract you.

I on the other hand largely depend on my faulty and unhealthy after 6 pm drinking to get my journal going. But, that is strictly not advised.

However, here are some ways you may find the company on online dating apps. But remember, never to trust blindly.


To be brutally honest, last one week, I have been nearing my breaking point. But, I decided to share these self-care hacks because had it not been for them. I would have been needing hospitalization.

But, however hard it may be, the idea is to understand that we are not alone.

There are ways we can reach out for help or even simpler things like company and conversation.

The love we know it to be is designed to rise above our normalization of boxed anecdotes.

You are designed to be as full of flaws and yet a diamond in the rough. So, don’t let that light burn out.

Be brave and hang in there. To find me just click here.

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