Anxiety Dear, Look I am Here!

Anxiety Dear, Look I am Here!

So here we are Anxiety. The life so far that I have led has been rather anxiously and amusingly painful. So now I tell you, “feel”. Feel everything done, said and felt. Don’t miss a breath forgone, for it will not be back again.

As for me, I sit here and watch. Watch my world crash around me, and everything that follows. My anxiety symptoms began to feel closer to me.

It’s always fun to watch the world go by. In a split second one change from an angel to a demon. A demon then back to a god. Till they change back to a lizard grazing the earth then flies away like a bird. Feel all of it.

Feel how the change happens and takes its toll on the world surrounding you. For if I can’t see my world then how can I define my parameters of life?

In this sleepy hollow of life do I break free the shackles engulfing me?

The shelter is far if nowhere. After all, Mark Twain didn’t write the Bible, because if he did, he surely would have made a place for me.

Anxiety, Anxiety Go Way!

So, open your eyes because the pain and hurt will make no sense if you’re asleep though it. As it calls me closer the blank portion in the corner of my head seems to get larger.

Where do I spare all this love on my own? Where do I see to run for the lightning is close enough finally?

Take my hand because the world is going to fade away now next unless you believe in “Peace and Serenity”.

But either way, what sense would it make if either of them hadn’t existed, and even if they do, how far do you go to get them, is the point of it all.

I See the Halo but Where is My Angel Now?

I remember those walls I built but they turned them down. They didn’t even make a sound. But I never really had a doubt. So, now I am shutting you out. As I am surrounded by the chaos of nothingness, you’re nothing that I need and more.

So, I’m off to look for my saving grace. Hit me like a UV ray and burn me down to ashes but I swore I wouldn’t fall again. Because I just don’t feel like falling. So, it’s the risk that I am taking.

Everywhere I look now I am surrounded with the filth of grace given on a silver platter shown in the night. Believe or don’t believe, realize or don’t bother, but feel, for it will change that part in your that you thought never existed. It will only add up to the baggage you built, and nothing will stop because the bag needs to be filled.

It’s like I’ve been awakened, and every rule was breaking but noting will suffice the mirror you investigate.

I continue. I keep burning through the darkest night being addicted to dying as life is the beautiful dream till death crashes its fate being the bitter truth.

Anxiety is Observant

So, I feel, and I endure. I endure building perseverance.

I continue.

I keep searching for the totem pole to take my ravaged armor back to its belonging.

I feel the vibrations that every pain and sting bring. For my skin endures the gravity of filth to fill a Christmas stocking full of candies.

I dream of a dream to end the dream I dreamt of.

I open my closet where I kept my action figure safe and sound from the world that crashes.

I tell him every day that everything will be okay. He is the loneliest and I know how he feels.

So, he and I dream every night of a place to be in where we don’t have to end the dream we dream. We still have our silent walks thought the Woodstock field feeling every vibration is brought to life.

He told me that it gets pitch black till you are hit.

If you’re stupid enough you will live to see the explosion. Pretty cool for an action figure, I think.

So, I continued

So now, it’s still a risk that I am taking, and stepping into the pitch-black room black as a circle on geometry grade 5 books.

Being addicted to a lie is almost as beneficial as death is the goal. Take my hand, or don’t. See me or don’t.

I need all of that and I would be a liar if I said I didn’t.

But if it were that way then I wouldn’t have to kill the dream I dreamt.

Because ‘softness endures’

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